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Mannuaire what is it?

Mannuaire is a free SEO directory and in contrast to many directory requires no backlink. In this directory you can find many website and vote for who you like and even review via comments. If you have a website you can register on this directory now and improve your reputation and your SEO.

How to add my site in this directory can it boost my site?

Many search engine takes into account the fact links to your site and the origin of these links to you rank in the search results. By adding your site on Mannuaire, you have an additional link to your site includes in a page with a long description of your website written by yourself when adding your website in the directory. Moreover, you make your website visible to all visitors to our directory that might be interested in your site. You can also indicate if you want the plug on your site up to 4 illustration of images on your site and your Facebook page or your Twitter account.

How do I add my site on Mannuaire?

To add your site to our annauaire must first register by visiting the Login section. Then, once you finalize your registration Login and go to the section Add your site here you just have to fill the form fields and your site will be added to Mannuaire.net

How work the Mannuaire voting system?

On Mannuaire, each visitor can vote for as many website he wants a limit of one vote per day per site. These ratings affect the ranking of sites in the directory. Thus, the sites appear in several rankings: an annual ranking, a monthly ranking, a daily ranking and annual rankings. The sites appear on the home page are classify a particular way, and they rank as follows: 1st annual ranking of the site, the first site monthly ranking, the first site daily classification, the 2nd Site annual Standings, etc ...

I registered but I did not received the confirmation email

It is possible that the confirmation email is consider your mail as spam. But if you do find there do not hesitate to go to the Contact section to contact us.

I added a picture image for my site but it does not appear on my website sheet

If this scenario come there to 2 possibilities: either your image is in the wrong format. On Mannuaire only jpg type image, jpeg, png are allowed. Either your image exceeds the maximum allowed size (1MB), in this case we advise you to visit the site to Compressnow compress your image.

I want to view my site in a premium space how?

On Mannuaire.net there to premium areas in which you can view your site headers of different pages.

Mannuaire.net on, there is a virtual monnaire that is used to reserve these premium space, this is the monnaire Mdollar whose value is approximately 1 Mdollar = € 0.10. First and foremost, you must fund your account by going to the section Putting my sites before then under the heading More Mdollar once get there follow the specific directions to the means of payment.

Mannuaire on the premium spaces are allocated to bid for the next day, if you win the auction your site will appear in the space all day the next day. The auction lasts all day and ends at midnight. If your bid is not the best no Mdollar you will be charged.There are several type of auction:

  • Home type of auctions that appear on your site homepage.
  • Top type of auctions that display your choice on your site one of the following pages (Top 2016 Top Month, Top Year, New)
  • Category type of auctions that display your site on the pages of the category you have chosen.
  • The Search for auction that display your site on search pages when the user will type the keyword you have chosen.

To enter the auction you need to go to the sections "Put my websites to Top" and in the "New Auctions" and create a new auction, which must be the highest for the type of auction chosen. You can see the level of all the auction by going to the "Active Auctions" section and you can see your own bid by going to the "My Auctions" section you can outbid them. If you make a bid and outbid another member you will be notified by email and can outbid your turn.

I meet another type of problem?

If you encounter which this FAQ could not answer feel free to contact us using the Contact section. We will do so to respond and maybe your question will end here :)